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On-Line Jobs

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Denville F/T 07834
Loving, busy family seeking a communicative,playful,nanny to care for their 1 1/2 year old twin boys. The hours are M-F 6am.-4pm. The Nanny will always have someone to help. This family has 2 rescue dogs and 1 cat.$20-25.per hour.Spanish speaking a plus!

Rivervale 07675
Working parents of a 5 year old and 2 1/2 year old are seeking an active, creative, loving nanny to care for their children 25 hours per week. They will guarantee a salary (to be determined). The hours needed will be M-F 6:30am.-9am with the flexibility to do afternoons as needed (3:30pm.-5:30pm.) Mid August start.

Rivervale 07675
Family looking for just mornings with the flexibility of the nanny doing some afternoons if needed. 5 yr. old and 2 1/2 yr. old. Hours are M-F 6:30 am.-9am. If needed in afternoon, the hours would be 3pm.-5:30pm. up to $25. per hour.

New City, NY 10956
Loving family with a special needs young adult is seeking 2 nannies to cover a 6 day work week splitting up the days in any combination.(example: 3 days each nanny, or 4 weekdays one nanny and 2 week-end days another nanny etc.). The days and hours needed to cover are: M,T,W,Thursday from 3 PM.-10 P.M./Week-end hours are: Saturday 8:30am.-3:30PM. and Sunday 8:30am.-2:30pm. $20. per hour. Sat

Upper Saddle River P/T 07458
Busy parents of three children 6,4,and 1 yrs. old, are seeking an experienced, reliable, organized, active nanny to work alone and with the Mom. The hours are 7:30am.-5:30pm. 3 days per week. Nanny must be willing to travel with the family aprox. 3x's per year for 1 week at a time.1 dog $Neg.

Denville F/T 07834
Busy loving family seeking a great nanny to care for their 1 1/2 year old twins. Must be active and communicate well. The hours are M-F 2pm.-8:30pm. This family has 2 dogs and 1 cat. $2025. per hour. Spanish speaking a plus!

Hohokus F/T 07423
Loving family is seeking a reliable, engaging active nanny to care for their 2 daughters ages 8 and 3. The hours are M-F 7:30am.- 6:30pm. with the flexibility to stay later on occasion. Family provides a car to drive once nanny arrives in her car. 3 small dogs $19+ per hour. August start.

Glen Rock F/T 07452
Professional parents with 4 children (2 school-age, 1 preschool, 1 toddler) are seeking an experienced, reliable, active, long-term nanny to care for their children. They are providing a family mini van to drive and 2+ weeks vacation. One small dog to be let out in the fenced in backyard.The hours are M-F 7am.-7pm.$1100. per week salary.

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